Cisco WIC-1AM-V2 1-Port Analog Modem WAN Interface Card

Cisco WIC-1AM-V2 1-Port Analog Modem WAN Interface Card


Cisco WIC-1AM-V2 1-Port Analog Modem WAN Interface Card

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This Cisco modem is high-powered, robust, and capable of making connections to your Internet service provider with confidence. The Cisco WIC-1AM-V2= is an excellent choice when you want to connect to the Internet with the hassle. With the PC hardware drivers available for this Cisco modem, you can benefit from its full range of functionality using your computer system. This modem is very easily installed, enabling you to connect it to your system and begin using it right away. The Cisco WIC-1AM-V2= is quick, which means you are able to fetch lots of data files, documents, and games without waiting a long time. This Cisco modem enables you to send important business faxes from your computer with its support for ITU V.29 and ITU V.27ter fax systems. Also, the Cisco WIC-1AM-V2= has dial-up and cellular capability allowing you to link to your current Internet provider from a multitude of locations. This modem is wireless-ready, so you can get online from anywhere with cellular networks.

Key Features:

* Itu V.27ter, Itu V.29 Fax Standards
* Mnp-2, Mnp-3, Mnp-4, Itu V.42 (Lapm) Error Correction
* PC Products Platform
* 56Kbps Data Transfer Rate
* 14.4Kbps Fax Transfer Rate
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